• bullet steel

Ballistic steel plates


 The ballistic steel plates that we distribute, distinguishes themself with their ballistic properties and a very high degree of finishing and processability. Due to its special properties, it is almost 3 times thinner and lighter than other steel! (to get the same ballistic value)

We are the exclusive partner for Belgium for the Swebor Armor plates.

We also distribute the Belgian armor plate Quardian.

 We have from those plates continuously in stock the most common one's to be able to deliver quickly where necessary. We can re-saw these sheets and adapt them according to the needs of the customer. (see possibilities / operations)

 The plates can be provided in the following finishes:

  • grit blasting
  • primer coat
  • powder coating
  • ...

The armor plate has its necessary bullet-proof certificates according to the standards:

  • EN1522-1523 FB1 to FB7
  • VPAM 1 to 14
  • Stanag 4569 levels 1 to 4

Below you will find an overview of the gamma and ballistic characteristics.

You can find more information about the different ballistic standards here via the Bullet Resistant Standards tab

To calculate the weight of the steel plates, the following formula applies: 

"m² x thickness steel plate x 8"


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