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Bullet proof joinery

We realize this type of joinery according to the EN 1522-EN 1063 and this from class FB2NS to FB7NS. With more than 25 realized military and police projects, we expand our knowledge and portofolio but especially our knowledge.  For each situation we invent the ideal solution to obtain a slim and aesthetic result without compromising the bulletproof properties. 

Below are some examples of our possibilities: 

(Slim) Bulletproof (front) windows:

Due to their slim profile, these bulletproof windows are almost unnoticeable. They allow existing joinery to be retained and the rooms to be ventilated and cleaned. Ideal for protected and listed buildings!

Bulletproof doors:

In these cases we work together with the client to find the best solution so that these doors fit nicely into the existing or new situation. These doors can be supplied in a flat version with a panel or with maximum glazing, or a combination of both. Access control and motorization of these doors can all be provided.

Bulletproof reception counters:

Maximum transparency combined with a user-friendly, bulletproof pass-through drawer and intercom system? We take care of that!


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