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Secure Wall

This unique certified modular system allows you to be infinitely creative with your concept without having to compromise on safety. This system can also be used as floor and ceiling to create a complete bunker. These walls have the great advantage that they can easily be mechanically bolted together on site. This ensures fast assembly, without dust or welding. Armored doors and windows can be perfectly integrated in these walls.


Thanks to its modular character, elements can later be added or removed if desired. These panels are made to measure and according to the customer's requirements.









The SECURE WALL is available in : 

Following burglary resistant levels :

  • CR4 according to EN 1627
  • CR5 according to EN 1627
  • CR6 according to EN 1627
  • RMET 15 according to EN 1627 (anti-ram)


Following bulletproof levels:

  • FB4 NS according to EN 1522
  • FB5 NS according to EN 1522
  • FB6 NS according to EN 1522
  • FB7 NS according to EN 1522
  • AK47 
  • Shotgun



These walls are used in police departments, banks, control posts, server rooms, weapons and ammunition rooms, panic rooms, counters, safe rooms, security locks, ...


We also offer matching doors and windows with the same security level and can be perfectly integrated in these walls.


Download the brochure here :


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