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The TTC pass-through drawer is bulletproof certified FB7 ( 7.62x51 Armor Piercing ) according to the European standards EN 1522. Its concept guarantees a 100% bullet resistance when both open or closed. This drawer has an automatic locking system in open and closed position so the operator is in full control at all times. (e.g. explosives ).

The pass-through drawer can be customized in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Optionally, an accompanying bracket can also be provided where the drawer rests on and which can be arranged with stacking racks.

This drawer can be installed at the inside or the outside of a building. Those are frequently placed at banks, pharmacies, police station, army, petrol stations, guard booths,high risk places , ...


  • Built from bulletproof sheet material FB7 ( weight 190kg! )
  • Automatic locking system in both open and closed position
  • Made for transferring documents and envelopes type A4
  • Brushed stainless steel finish
  • Reinforced sliders



  • Width : 654mm
  • Height : 196mm
  • Depth : 650mm



  • Width : 360mm
  • Height : 60mm
  • Depth : 265mm



  • Version in bulletproof class FB5-FB6
  • Accompanying bracket with stacking racks
  • RAL color finish
  • Accompanying complete intercom system
  • Customizable


Download here the technical brochure : 




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