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Bulletproof standards

The world of ballistic standards can be very confusing because of all the different sorts. We try to briefly explain the differences between the main standards used.

Ballistic norms: 

  • EN 1063 BR = testing of armoured transparent materials (eg glass)
    • EN = European Standard
    • BR1 to BR7 + SG1 and SG2
  • EN 1522 FB = testing of armoured non-transparent materials (eg joinery, steel plates)
    • EN = European standard
    • FB1 to FB7 + FSG2
  • VPAM = Same tests as the aforementioned standards but more extensive and more different weapons and ammunition.
    • VPAM: Vereinigung der Prufstellen fur Angriffshernmede Materialien
    • APR 2006: general test guidelines 
    • PM 2007: test procedures and standards (in the extension of APR 2006) 
      • ​14 levels instead of 7 of the FB or BR class (EN 1522 and 1063)
  • STANAG 4569 = the NATO standard
    • 6 levels
    • Used especially for vehicles
  • NIJ = American standards
    • NIJ: National Institute of Justice
    • 10 levels (including sub-levels)

Below you will find our 2 tables containing the main standards and making the best possible comparison between the most common standards.

This second table compares everything until BR7 -FB7 -PM9 ( this is the short version of the one above)

You can download this infographic files here :

Download the first infographic.

Download the second infographic.




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